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Summer in the City

By Sheridan Smith

New York City

Summer, 2022


New York City takes on a new, distinctive character during the summer months.  Enhancing the city's unique sense of intimacy, May, June, July, and August create a brutal and eccentric environment which calls privacy illusory and authenticity inevitable.​ The streets are lined with leaking hydrants, empty bottles, bursts of color, orphaned furniture, and citi-bikers in dress shoes. This project paints a portrait of the New York City streets and their bold inhabitants. ​

How can one place be so inviting, and so unwelcoming? This project is intended to represent the paradoxical nature of summer in the city in a new, post-pandemic reality. Moving from day to night, the sequence of images imitates a walk through the neighbored scenes of Manhattan in the summer of 2022.

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