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Photo: Indra Lyons

Sheridan K Smith is a photographer, photo editor, and reporter based in New York City and California. With a recent focus on urban motherhood, climate change, psychedelic research, the fentanyl crisis, and the impact of income inequality on the individual level, Sheridan's work presents an inquiry into personhood through the visual form.


Sheridan graduated from NYU with a self-designed degree concerned with preserving truth in visual storytelling and the ethics of portraiture. These themes carry into her work as she creates images in the liminal space between portrayal and reportage. In addition to her own freelance work, Sheridan also regularly assists Dina Litovsky, Natalie Keyssar, and Katie Orlinsky on assignment for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and National Geographic.

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Read her NYU Senior Colloquium: Beyond Truth and the Art of Unknowing



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Photo and reporting:

     Business and Politics Reporter: The Borgen Project

     Contributing Photographer: San Francisco Chronicle

     Staff photographer: Washington Square News

     Studio photographer: Q Model Management



   Dina Litovsky: photo

      People's Ball - New York Times

      Mums - Apparatus Studio

      The Big Mix - New York Times

      Portraits from the 911 Memorial - New York Times

      Harry Style's Fans at Madison Square Garden - New Yorker Magazine

      Life of Pi Broadway - New Yorker Magazine

      Jessie Ware Portraits - New York Magazine

      Bernard Arnault at Tiffany and Co. - Wall Street Journal

   Natalie Keyssar: photo

     US Open - El País Semanal

     Slava Bar Opening - New York Magazine

   Katie Orlinsky: administrative

      Where are all the caribou? - National Geographic

Awards and Certificates:

New York University Latin Honors, 3.97 GPA

Rubin Award in Visual Art in The Gallatin Review, Volume 37

NYU Photojournalism Lab by Dr Lauren Walsh and Katie Orlinsky

Civil Unrest Certification - Headset's SMART training for journalists

NYU Fulbright endorsement 2023

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